What to do and what to see in Val di Fassa in autumn

Moments: Golden autumn in Val di Fassa

An autumn holiday in Val Fassa is a unique experience in Trentino-South Tyrol. It is the ideal period to slow down and stop to appreciate the charm of the Dolomites. It is a joy for the eyes, a pampering for the senses, a gift for the soul. The silent mountains in autumn through the astonishing beauty of the Alps give you a precious chance to descend into the depths of your true 'self' by rediscovering yourself in a unique contact with nature. It is up to you to seize this opportunity and collect your best moments...

Coming to Val di Fassa between mid-September and the beginning of November does not mean visiting it out of season. On the contrary, autumn is the real season for mountain lovers.
Trekking enthusiasts agree: autumn is the best season to walk and experience the Dolomites, to enjoy the peace and quiet of the peaks and to witness the triumph of the Alps without excessive tourist flows and crowded paths.

The best things to do in Val di Fassa this autumn

During an autumn holiday in Pozza di Fassa in our apartments, you can take pleasant walks at your own pace through the yellow, orange and red woods, breathe in the pure air, admire the deep blue colour of the sky that can only be admired in autumn, listen to the silence of the peaks and let yourself be kissed by the sun, which is less intense than in summer.

No doubt you can venture out on the latest panoramic high-mountain trekking excursions before the snow takes over and enjoy the clear, sunny days.

October in Val di Fassa is the ideal period of your holiday in Trentino-Alto Adige if you love photography and know how to perceive, appreciate and enhance the faces of nature, the inspiring source of your postcard shots without any Photoshop retouching. "Brushing" autumn in colour in the Dolomites, immortalising heavenly places with your camera or smartphone is definitely something to do in Val di Fassa once the summer is over.

You could take one of our bicycles or rent an e-bike from Webike in Pozza di Fassa to pedal along the bubbling Avisio mountain river and admire how the peaks of Sassolungo, Sassopiatto, Sella, Catinaccio and Monzoni prepare for winter.

We advise you to plan your itineraries well because the days get shorter and so it is better not to set off on long hikes too late. Some refuges from the beginning of October may already be closed or open only for weekends: check the list of open refuges, which we will provide you with on arrival, before setting off and pack a good sack lunch if necessary. Temperatures are lower so dressing in layers will be a smart thing to do for a nice autumn trip in Val di Fassa.

Coming to Val di Fassa in autumn means recharging your batteries, taking care of your body and soul, freeing your mind from daily worries, finding solutions by walking in the Alps and observing their autumnal metamorphosis.

A holiday in Val di Fassa in October is chosen by couples in love for a true mountain escape to admire the intense colours of the enchanting foliage, which contrast with the clear sky and warm the fresh air. 

When to see the autumn colors in Val di Fassa?

It is true that from mid-September the larch trees at high altitudes begin to turn a deep yellow, the valley, lakes and peaks begin to take on warm shades, but the best time to discover the autumn charm of the Dolomites and participate in the magnificent spectacle of the changing colour of the tree leaves in Val di Fassa is between mid-October and early November.

Walking on the rustling carpets of leaves, marvelling at the enchanting Alpine landscapes, noticing the variation in the colour of tree leaves from green to yellow and different shades of red, taking pictures of the forests in full foliage watched over by the imposing peaks are just some of the experiences on an autumn holiday in the mountains of Trentino-South Tyrol.

Easy autumn walks in Val di Fassa that we always recommend to our guests to calmly enjoy every step

From mid-September, the Dolomites of Val di Fassa are particularly impressive, the view in the distance is sharper thanks to the fresh, clear autumn air, and the emotions of spending time among the breathtaking peaks are intense.

If you want to know where to go for "slow" walks in Val di Fassa in autumn, we'll tell you! All the easy walks near Pozza di Fassa, both at the bottom of the valley and at half altitude, are spectacular, satisfying and suitable for all legs, even those less experienced, to walk without hurry and enjoy the autumn atmosphere to the full.

If you don't like walking for a long time, we recommend short, flat walks with jaw-dropping views around Lake Soraga or the fabulous Lake Carezza or along the Fiemme and Fassa cycle path 50 metres from our residence.

Right above our house passes the panoramic Sora i Prè path, much loved by locals for walking with children or dogs all year round. This easy route above the villages of Pera and Pozza di Fassa is especially beautiful in the autumn and we recommend you walk as far as the Church of Santa Giuliana in Vigo di Fassa not only to add a pinch of history to your walk but also to admire the spectacular (and much-photographed in October) view of the forest in its autumn guise on the slopes of the Monzoni group.

Among your 'slow' walks in autumn, you absolutely cannot miss one of the most famous walks in Val di Fassa, which in about an hour takes you from the San Pellegrino Pass to the Fuciade refuge, where in addition to appreciating the enthralling beauty of the surrounding landscape, you can enjoy excellent dishes of Trentino-South Tyrol cuisine.

Also at the San Pellegrino Pass, next to the main road and therefore accessible to all, the small lake of the same name is well worth a visit, framed mainly by larch trees that offer one of the best places to admire the foliage in Val di Fassa. The simple path around the San Pellegrino lake allows you to appreciate the various views of the autumn Dolomites.

If you want to take a slightly longer non-demanding walk, we suggest you visit Val San Nicolò because it is a magical place and in October it is one of the best areas in the entire Val di Fassa to admire the bright colours of the enchanting foliage while returning home with a phone memory full of photos.

Panoramic autumn hiking in Val di Fassa when the lifts are already closed

The location of our residence in the centre of Val di Fassa is very convenient for you to enjoy the wonderful autumn outdoor in the Dolomites of Trentino region. The cable cars do not close all together at the end of summer, so always check the list of lifts still open and the timetables to decide where to take your wonderful autumn trip.
There are many proposals for autumn trekking in Val di Fassa without the use of lifts but with breathtaking scenery.

For example, one of the most popular autumn trips in Val di Fassa with a convenient departure from Moncion close to our apartments is the one in the direction of the Passo Principe refuge via the spectacular Gardeccia basin, Preuss and Vajolet refuges. Extending the route to a real jewel set in the Antermoia lake, you can devote the whole day to discovering the wonders of the Catinaccio group hidden around every corner. Experienced walkers with a fair amount of physical fitness and the habit of walking at a good pace can treat themselves to a true mountain expedition by concluding the loop route in the direction of the Dona Pass and then descending into Val Udai and returning to the residence along the cycle path that runs alongside the Avisio torrent. 

If you prefer the real mountains and have good legs, you can hike from our village of Pozza to unite with unspoilt nature in Val Monzoni and make a picnic in peace and quiet on the shores of the fascinating Lagusel Lake, in whose waters all the colours of the autumn forest are reflected.

Let yourself be conquered by the lunar landscape at high altitude during the super panoramic hike from Sass Pordoi to the Boé refuge along path no. 627.

Among your autumn experiences in Val di Fassa you cannot miss one of the most scenic hikes in the Dolomites along the Viel del Pan trail overlooking the Marmolada. Trail no. 601 also starts from the large car park at Passo Pordoi and allows you to enjoy the high mountains in their autumn shades.

One of the top autumn trekking in Val di Fassa for adventurous walkers is the not-to-be-missed round trip around the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto starting on path no. 526 from the Sella Pass. The famous loop tour will give you 18 km of impressive Alpine views, about 6 hours of Dolomite thrills and the satisfaction of having 'touched' the most beautiful mountains.

Without the use of the ski lifts in autumn you can discover the Val Contrin and walk through the beautiful Val Duron.

Finally, you can treat yourself to an all-day adventure in the Catinaccio-Rosengarten: take the bus from Pera di Fassa (bus stop 50 metres from our residence) to the Costalunga Pass and climb up to the Roda di Vael refuge, after which you continue on to the 'God's Field', a picturesque plateau of Ciampedìe with indescribable views, then descend directly home along the last stretch along the Sora i Prè panoramic trail.

Other reasons to go to Val di Fassa in autumn?

One of the things you absolutely must do on a sunny day to enjoy an unparalleled experience in Val di Fassa is to arrive at the famous Dolomite terrace at the historic Maria refuge at Sass Pordoi, perhaps even stopping there for lunch with an extraordinary 360º panorama of the Dolomites. The Sass Pordoi cable car is in fact the last to close, normally around the beginning of November.

In autumn, it would be a shame not to eat an excellent Tyrolean strudel and warm up with a cup of chocolate in our apartment after witnessing the dolomite spectacle of the Enrosadira and watching the peaks of Val di Fassa glow in autumn light at sunset.

An autumn holiday in Val di Fassa is also waking up and seeing the first snow from your flat window, it is pampering yourself in the QC Terme Dolomiti with the 10% discount you receive from us, it is enjoying a mulled wine while looking forward to the first skiing in December and dreaming of the Christmas holidays.And if you should happen upon that autumn bad weather, no problem, there are plenty of things to do if it rains in Val di Fassa.

"The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have" - Reinhold Messner

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